Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

“Of all the things I’ve ever lost, I miss my mind the most” – Mark Twain

Cognitive Training and the Process of Change

To live is to change, to adapt, to grow. Growth is vibrant and ongoing. It is a spiral: upward. It is positive and far exceeds merely ‘coping’ with life! Change and all it pertains challenges growth. It confronts human ability to move from one place, may it be spiritual, emotional or physical, to another. What are these challenges and how can the humanity of man meet and/or even precede the confrontation of change? It seems that these challenges from outside of man need to be met with inner abilities to grow and develop progressively into deeper levels of maturity and wisdom. Peace and the understanding that nothing outside of man is responsible for man’s own emotions, thoughts and behavior, needs to precede each life’s challenge.

Man determines his own destiny! When the power to choose is rejected it complicates consequences and therefore steers many lives into the labyrinths of confusion, hopelessness and despair. Bitterness overrides insight and so the spiral changes direction and ‘growth’ becomes destructive in its efforts to legally abduct the responsibility of choice: ‘he made me do this……’ or ‘she forced me to partake in…’ or ‘he always makes me feel….’, etc. Unconscious permission depicts choice. The royal will of man deserves respect. But what influences the unconscious. When, where and how do our genes, our environment and our selves form our deepest thoughts and perceptions? “We sleep, but the loom of life never stops and the pattern which was weaving when the sun went down is weaving when it comes up tomorrow.” Henry Ward Beecher (1813-87)

The Role of Cognitive Therapy in the Restoration Process   ‘…be transformed by the (entire) renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude]…’ Romans 12:2, Amplified Translation.

Change is the mind in action. From the heart conviction is stirred and the will activated to manipulate the thinking and feeling to co-operate. The first domino needs to fall for the action trail to reach its goal. Experience brings change and things perceived the one day will be differently interpreted the next. The filter through which the human being perceives the world around him is dynamic and will adapt according to the conviction of the heart. Every experience whether traumatic or not is integrated into the psyche of man and his whole system adjusts to accommodate the latest viewpoint. Cognitive therapy can be thought of as a system of psychotherapy due to an integrated program of strategies and techniques and a theory based on personality and psychopathology. (Beck, A. T.; Weishaar, M.)

Determine, Analyse and Recognise – the Beginning of Change No true change can occur without change in the core of man’s being: his heart. His perception of who he is, who others are and who his Savior is, all depend on the impact of his generational history and of the past experiences. Major misunderstandings are often the cause of great disappointment following intensive counseling. Prior to any initiation of counseling, the patient should be clearly informed about the main areas of focus to ensure a solid, stable and long-term restoration of trauma. There can be little or no permanent change after only the spiritual side of the impact of trauma has been dealt with.

The spiritual side of counseling (including deliverance) removes the legal right the relevant fallen angels had on the individual’s life. It also aids the ability to change in accordance to the truth. It does not however remove the lies and false perceptions that ineluctably follow trauma. The well known author and speaker, Joyce Meyer also states that change is impossible until the mind (including habitual thoughts) is straightened out. (Meyer, J.) Man has to take responsibility of his own battle to change his thinking habits and allow truth to be integrated into his whole personality.


“Man is wired to connect.” – Daniel Goleman.

Isolation hurts and harms. It damages and limits almost every sphere of life. The ability to connect is not an added luxury in life, it is vital for survival!

The Social level, i.e. motivational social factors impacting in a conscious as well as a sub-conscious way your choice, behaviour and quality of life, is assessed. Necessary areas requiring change are suggested and practical skills for day to day living is provided during therapy sessions. Other skills and aspects to enhance quality of life will be discussed as seen fit and desired:

Communication Skills

  • The essence and application of Boundaries in relationships, incl. Work environment, parenting, marriage, family and friendships
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Parenting and children’s relationships with parents
  • Diet, Supplementation and Exercise
  • The role of Medication
  • Managing Emotions and Mind

Prayer Therapy

The faith and conviction of the Therapist is in the Creator of this Universe: the God of Israel and in His Son, Jesus Christ through the dynamic working of the Holy Spirit of God. Prayer mobilizes God’s love for man and mobilizes man for his purpose.

Prayer Therapy entails the inclusion of God’s gentle, yet dynamic power within the Therapy process to ensure His guidance in the process to wholeness. Sometimes trauma is well hidden in the heart of man and only a safe presence will enable those memories to surface, be confronted within the reality of time and gently worked through. Timing needs to be perfect or else the mind will close off again and the battle for survival will be prolonged.

Forgiveness is another vital step on the journey to attain a whole heart. For man to let go of the past, allowing the presence and future to be the best it can be, he needs to forgive. Forgiveness does NOT mean minimizing the unjust, unfair, disrespectful wrong that has happened. It does not state that ‘maybe it wasn’t so bad’ or ‘maybe he didn’t mean that way’ or ‘maybe he was not aware of how it hurt me’.

Forgiveness means to let go of the anger, bitterness, revengeful thoughts and hatred toward the one who hurt you IN SPITE OF his wrong actions toward you. It also means you let go of the judgements in your own heart toward that person. In order for man to forgive to this extent he requires God’s gentle Holy Spirit. To do what seems impossible, is what God specializes in. Prayer tenderly steers man into such an atmosphere of accomplishing this vital step to wholeness.

Prophetic prayer assists the therapy process and provides the Client with an assurance that the Creator of this Universe has also created him for a good purpose: to enjoy His companionship and unconditional love, to enjoy life and to be a blessing for others. During this kind of prayer fresh revelation is given for the main purpose that you, the Client are special to God and He is FULLY aware of your desires and needs. He has heard your cries and WANTS to meet your every need!

God desires for you to be whole and living in absolute victory, tasting and seeing that God is good!