Be restored to JOY!

To live life and to enjoy it is a basic right you are born with.

To live life and to enjoy it is a basic right you are born with. Joy and wisdom should be your most familiar companions on your life journey. Wisdom develops when knowledge is gained and applied with understanding. Joy however develops when you are raised in an environment of unconditional love and acceptance and the presence of other provides a sense of self worth and room for mistakes, failures and disappointments.

Hierdie onvoorwaardelike aanvaarding skep ‘n ruimte vir waagmoed, ontdekking en die vermoë om die lewe jou eie te maak. Binne hierdie ruimte kan die potensiaal waarmee jy geskape is, ontwikkel en vergroot.

Many however have not enjoyed the privilege of such an environment growing up. Some have been through trauma as adults. “Woe to one who is alone and falls and does not have another to help” (Eccl 4:10). They experience each day as a new battle for survival, let alone enjoyment. Therefore, in order to attain a place of joy and ownership of life; a sound and whole mind, body, spirit and HEART is required. Your Heart is your core identity: “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Prov 20:5). Whatever governs man (controls), owns his heart. Whatever owns man’s heart (through devotion or worship), governs his heart. Your heart matters. Within the holistic approach of Therapy diet, lifestyle, relationships and mindsets need to be assessed and adapted to align with the basic truths that you are worthy to be loved and respected and life is yours to live! This needs to settle in the heart and govern your whole psyche.

Socio Cognitive Neuroscience Approach

Dr. Van Den Berg uses the Socio Cognitive Neuroscience approach in which the areas of analysis include: The Social level, including motivational social factors; The Cognitive level, focusing on information processing mechanisms influencing various social aspects and; The Neural Level, concerned with the basic brain mechanisms causal to the cognitive processes. The diet and health of the Client is thus also brought into serious consideration. All of these areas of therapy will be based on prayer and applied though prayer ministry where applicable.

The aim of this Therapy to assist you, the Client to attain a life of wholeness – i.e. a whole heart. When living from a whole heart you will be true to yourself and others without fear and thus adding quality and wise support to the community. Knowing you are living a life of significance!